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Friday, Dec. 01, 2017 - 4:46 p.m.

Still haven't gotten my groove back with the cyanotype jewelry, for all that I still think it's a very good idea. I have for some reason been launched straight at these paper wreaths. Here was the thinking: pop-up books. I wonder about putting pop-ups in accordion folds. J mentions that I should make more Christmas ornaments instead of us having all this bought with crap we don't even really like. I wonder about making an accordion fold wreath, using some bookbinding moves. I make first wreath. Pop-up book guy wrote other books about amazing folding. Amazing folding book appears in my house. I wonder about making them circular. I wonder about putting pop-ups on every fold. I wonder about using my hand-carved stamps. I make another wreath. Now I'm doing another. The best yet.

1. Folding the wreath form takes a while.
2. Designing it takes a while. Moving little bits of paper to different places and looking at them and then moving them around again and squinting at them.
3. Drawing some stuff, making stamps, stamping stamps (er, prints), adding color to them, cutting them out TAKES A LONG TIME.
4. Attaching them to the wreath takes a while.
5. Attaching a thing to the back of the wreath so you can hang it and it isn't floppy is an unanticipated engineering challenge, which also takes a while to resolve.
6. Figuring out how to store them safely is another challenge I haven't quite figured out yet. It is taking a while.

Anyway, I'm past the flash flood of ideas phase now and into the "is there any way I could make any money at this?" phase which I am trying to fight off as extrinsic motivation is a bad thing for me. Especially since these take so long.

They do satisfy my long-standing desire to make a thing that makes people say, "wow, look at the work in that!". And hopefully the work will be worth it. I like the detail and much-mess and repetition of it all.

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