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Sunday, Mar. 10, 2019 - 2:35 p.m.

So now, enjoying my third craft practice thought experiment in as many weeks, I present to you my shoe business fantasy:

I labor in my studio using reclaimed textiles to craft artsy bespoke and limited edition minimal footwear. The aesthetic is boho, embroidered, mending, that stuff I’ve been doing lately. Sashiko. Colorful.

My customer base are not super fashionable luxury brand shoppers, but they value the handmade and unusual, and just want a really cute pair of minimal sandals they can walk around in sometimes, that will fit their weird feet. They wouldn’t normally spend this much, but these are too fun and comfortable and unique to pass up. They’re already aware of the benefits of barefoot. It’s hard to find cute minimal footwear.

I sell them at art fairs, of course, or they can message me to make them a custom pair. No Etsy store (for once). No website, just an insta account to show them.

My story will be that i’m a jewelry artist/mender with a passion for wearable art and sustainable fashion and can’t stand bulky shoes on my feet if it’s above 65 degrees.

There. I’ll never do it and we all know it.

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