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Language Log

Tuesday, May. 07, 2019 - 10:52 a.m.

The yellow layer is coming along. I want the yellow to be wider but I’m not sure whether I should double this layer or the next.

Other ones I want to do:
1. One that goes black to white and many shades of grey in between, all shading achieved only with density of thread. It will be round. Where the black and white meet it will be sharply demarcated. I might do 2: one will be white thread on black cloth. One will be black thread on white cloth. I could do it all in one piece and have an inner circle which is one way and the outer circle which is the reverse but from far away they look identical.

2. Shades of blue on denim.

3. A clearly demarcated river of blue, meandering horizontally. Below it, garden colors. Above it, green and flowers fade to brown. No horizon, but at the top edge, blue.

4. Purple to orange fade.

5. Autumn leaf colors. Circular, but not a fade. Mosaic. Pile of leaves.

Fluffy wrapping material. Eyelash yarn maybe. Seed beads. Longer threads hanging off.

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