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Language Log

Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 - 7:34 a.m.

We’re mostly packed.
Take E to school, shower, finish the little bit of packing that’s left, tidy house as much as possible, pack car, pick up kid, drive to Phoenix, fly to Memphis by way of Minneapolis.

Tomorrow in Memphis.

Thursday morning, get on plane. Spend 20 hours in transit, 10 of which will be spent in the Amsterdam airport. Arrive Cardiff.

Things I am planning to do there:
1. Wander around near water
2. Wander around castle
3. Find somewhere good to sit around and work on some of the projects I’m bringing
4. Used bookstores
5. Perpetrate art crimes. At least once.
6. Go to that one craft gallery
7. Manage to feed myself things worth eating.

I feel like that’s all somehow not ambitious enough to justify the effort and expense of all this, but also it feels quite ambitious enough.

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