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Language Log

Friday, Sept. 20, 2019 - 12:44 p.m.

I’m in the Amsterdam airport now. The flight over was fine, not great, I had a couple bouts of light napping but mostly was awake, uncomfortable, and bored during the nearly 8 hour flight.

Then the airport, which my plan had been “hole up in the member lounge, get food, lounge, go shop, lounge, get on next plane”. But the member lounge was PACKED and unpleasant. I found a decent seat, isolated. Sat there, napped uncomfortably a while, became hungry and thirsty, but didn’t dare get up because someone would take my seat.

“Just leave a book in it to show it’s taken,” J said. So finally I did, and went to scope out the food. Long line! Confusing beverage dispenser! I grabbed an apple and came back to find that someone had put their suitcase on top of my book in the chair.

So I left. Wandered a bit. So tired. I found a seat in one of the busier areas and sat there for maybe an hour and a half.

Wandered down to where I guessed the gate might be, napped there uncomfortably for a couple hours. Couldn’t figure out whether my plug adaptor for my charger would work here. It didn’t look like it would. So I conserved battery power by not doing anything on my phone. FUCK SO BORING. Eventually the line at the Starbucks wasn’t so bad and I got myself a pumpkin spice latte (Basic Bitch American pls). Checked the board to discover that my flight was finally listed and it was at a different gate than I had predicted. Plenty of time though. So I headed over to D6 where I found a plain USB port and here I am, caffeinated, slightly napped, and charging up. Only...2 3/4 hours left till I board the last flight.

I keep checking my pockets and my bag to make sure I haven’t accidentally flushed my passport. So far so good.

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