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Friday, Nov. 08, 2019 - 11:23 a.m.

I somehow finished the luggage tag, it looks nice even if it was way too much work (maybe it’s just that I was forced to do all the work in a condensed manner and some parts of it I’m not that at ease with yet). I have some new designs in mind and ideas to make them more interesting (you’ll be shocked to hear, I’m sure). So, we’ll see what happens. I wish I had developed the ideas sooner than belatedly imagining all kinds of ways to make it better, but. Whatcha gonna do. I’ll just to get more nice work in my shop ASAP.

I do worry that this isn’t really my market, Forbes readers just aren’t going to dig what I’m about, but since it hasn’t cost me much, there’s no downside really. I need to figure out how to add people to my (non existent) email newsletter list.

I don’t need it to result in that many sales in order for it to be a big boost.

Ok, gonna relax for a minute and then go finish the bracelet I started yesterday and polish the Etsy shop a little more.

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