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Language Log

Friday, Jan. 10, 2020 - 3:35 p.m.

Second entry: kvetch edition

1. The other day J’s mother had been looking for me when I was laying down. I ignored her. She said something to J about “I hope I didn’t disturb her” and he said, “well, I think you did a little.” And every day since then she has mentioned not wanting to disturb me. Ok, I get it. You’re considerate. Thanks. Stop talking about it.

2. Talked to my mom today. She wanted to hear how E and Q were doing in the first week of school and then wanted to talk about U.

“Are you going to do any homeschooling lessons with him?”

Well like what. He’s several grades above his age in math, his reading and writing is coming along fine, and he is voraciously curious about a number of things. Do you think I need to fight with him more?

“Well don’t you worry you’re falling behind in other things, other things they teach?”

Like what.

“Well, like civics.”

7 year olds don’t take civics. Judging from the state of our government no one up to and including the president remembered anything they learned anyway if they weren’t already interested. So no.

“Well may I ask how his potty training is going.”

Why. No.

“Well I guess that tells me something.”
“Aren’t you a bit concerned, like I am, and wish he’d learn to be more sociable, like E?”


She almost has ME resenting E with this level of favoritism. Fuck’s sake.

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