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Language Log

Wednesday, Sept. 02, 2020 - 8:37 p.m.

I did the nipples in cyanotype because gum bichromate didn’t capture the detail well enough to tell what it was. Even in cyanotype, at first glance they look like eyeballs. I like the ambiguity of it and the subversiveness. I liked the idea of having them in a variety of colors, not just blue, but we’ll see.

I lined the negatives up on a narrow strip of scrap cyanotype paper. After I developed them they were a row of boobs and it looked like a boob bookmark. That was also funny.

I will finish the first nipple necklace tomorrow. I have it on a thin chain for now, but that’s not a very interesting option. I’m not sure what else I could use.

I did get 5 of the photos up on Etsy. So close but yet so far. Ah well.

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