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Language Log

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 - 12:00 a.m.

Most of the easy and obvious steps for prepping the casita have been done. Now I am left with all the miscellany upstairs to sort out, and way too many plastic bins in my way.

Had a moment of distracted creative energy this morning...then became very bogged down executive-function-wise. I just sit and get stuck. Staring into space, a thick fog. It’s very difficult to plan or start things, and if I manage to do something, I have to take a break right after to figure out what to do next and then I get stuck again immediately.

Sometimes a nap helps but on such days I find I work out a lot more. I haven’t got anything else I’m trying to accomplish, for one thing, and my exercise list is there and very clear and I get some sense of success from ticking items off of it. Plus the benefits of the resistance training itself. The exhausted muscles. A crumb of dopamine I suppose. Printing photos will also snap me out of it pretty well if I have negatives ready to roll. If I don’t, the decisions are too many and I can’t start.

Sometimes I can get lost in “what if” creative thinking, like I was a bit this morning, but I‘ve mostly been trying to fight that off so I don’t get distracted before I finish this photo book. This is not the time to take up woodcarving.

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