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Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022 - 11:53 a.m.

A FB friend was writing about her urge to stop working on the big and complicated project in order to pursue small projects she’s more excited about. Someone on that thread wrote about stuff but the interesting point I wish to convey is the observation of the need to let go of shame around not finishing The Thing.

So when it comes to my jewelry biz, yes, some of it is about the money. It is, when it’s going, better money for my time than rev, and I could also raise my prices a little at this point. There are different aspects to it (ego being one also) and shame is in there. “You had this good thing going and instead of building on it, you abandoned it, for a less than minimum wage gig job and the opportunity to sit on the floor and putter.”

And that whole thing about endings being seen as failures.

Positive reasons to continue: Money. Ego.
And feeling like I HAVE to makes me really really not want to. But if I stop decisively, will I then feel like I “have” to do rev too? And will I kill that? I will say, I went from February to like August without a single order and barely a single thought about it (except thinking everyone hated me, which isn’t valid). And I didn’t care. But it was there as an option. There’s other routes if I want them. There are always other routes.

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