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Language Log

Friday, Oct. 21, 2022 - 8:39 p.m.

I’m ready for another tattoo. I messaged an artist who’s only in town for October-Nov, but haven’t heard back yet and I’m imagining he’s booked up anyway. If not him, then my usual guy. I kind of really want the demon reading the book, but it’s past time for me to add to the Luttrell sleeve. My one monster is so lonely there.

I made myself finally develop the photos from FL. One beach one turned out pretty good. I like how the sky is indistinct from the water and the wet beach, except for the reflected clouds. And then two figures, very small. I don’t know how well it will print, because the shades are very subtle, but I’m going to try layering gum over cyan. Cyan is more sensitive than gum. And blues seem right but I don’t know what else to do color-wise. It does not need to reflect reality.

The one photo gallery in Texas I keep thinking about submitting work to but don’t, their next show theme is “botanical” and if I don’t at least try for that one, I’m a damn fool… but cyanotype botanicals seem too easy. Right? One photo I took in FL that turned out ok is a live oak branch. I could try that, or something similar here. I’m not too excited about the composition of that one, is all. But it’s good to have an assignment of sorts, I suppose.

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