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Language Log

Saturday, Jun. 03, 2023 - 9:59 p.m.

I carried some irritation through the morning, but it didn’t get worse than it was when I wrote that. I still haven’t found my hat. I did find a pair of sunglasses, so that’s sufficient. The hat will turn up.

I did go on to do some productive things. Made bread, a batch of breakfast egg cups. Eventually moved the jewelry forward a step.

Signed me and U up for a month long pottery class, it starts tomorrow. Don’t let me forget to go. (He will not. He has been asking about pottery for months now.)

His obstacle is that he wants to learn things and do things, but he doesn’t want anyone else to be in the class or for the teacher to address him directly. But he wants this enough that he has agreed to go anyway. I’m hoping it will usher in a new era for him, the way things sometimes do when he decides it’s time, finally, and no one is pressuring him. (Did I mention he finally started putting on his own shoes? We have not remarked on it to him not one bit, but I’ll say here that that took 7 or 8 years for him to be willing to do it again).

I laid down for a nap at some point in the mid afternoon and woke at like 7:30, only because someone woke me. It was so hard to wake. It took me another hour almost to fully renter the world. I had a lot of dreams, they were ornate and interesting but now I don’t remember the details.

I found the grilled olives at the Mideast grocery here in town. Not the same brand and they aren’t as good, but close enough. They also had fresh baklava there that looked really good, but I didn’t get any today.

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