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Saturday, Jul. 29, 2023 - 3:43 p.m.

Got one of the cyanotype shirts started. It was nerve wracking. How to keep everything from blowing around? How to keep the plants from wilting before I can even position them? How to keep stuff I’ve already exposed from receiving more sunlight? How to make sure every part I want to receive sunlight does? How to somehow do all of these things at once? I fucking know I didn’t get it all right.

I’m rinsing it now and then we’ll see what I have to work with. It has a pinhole photo, mesquite leaves, some paper cutout pattern, and a heavy gauge chain in the mix. Hopefully that will be perfect. If not, I’ll think about how to add to it to enhance it.

It took probably 2 hours to do that. Not counting the time coating the shirt in cyanotype solution.

update: It turned out ok. J liked it a lot. I posted it in the places I post things and it’s all I can do not to be utterly mopey about it. No one’s going to like it and I’ll get discouraged before I even finish my first try at it. I am so bad at selling myself it’s not even funny. I guess I need to go thrift some women’s clothes to use too, because all I have right now is mens’.

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